Have you been feeling down with unexplained sadness, low energy and little interest in doing things?

Are you having problems concentrating or thinking clearly?

Do you often feel stressed, anxious or worried?

Are you irritable for no apparent reason?

Are you trying to heal from a loss or adjust to a major life change?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above you might find relief in talking to someone who sees you as healthy and not “ill” with a “disorder.” I am here to listen intently to what you have to say and gently guide you back to your natural state of wellbeing and peace of mind, without any analysis, techniques or focus on the past.

I can help you do more than just “cope” with mental distress by showing you a simple, yet profound and lasting solution that draws on something you already possess. It’s time to stop stressing and start thriving. Learn more…


Are you stuck, confused and stressed about life, school, career, relationships, direction or purpose?

Do you feel like you aren’t doing your best for some reason?

If so, and you would like to talk to someone who can show you how to gain insight and tap into your natural abilities to de-stress, make wise decisions and create positive change, all without using techniques, rituals or engaging in behavior modification, I would love to be of help.

I can help you find answers and lasting solutions that already exist within you. Learn more…



"Mary White is a dedicated, down-to-earth practitioner of a positive, principle-based psychology that should be looked into by anyone seeking to live a more genuine, healthy existence."
Mavis Karn, MA, LICSW